Hello and Welcome.

Being who we really are takes courage greater than most understand. A safe place to simply be and continue to become who we are is imperative for wholeness and happiness. I welcome the opportunity to support you or your child in this process.


Support On Your Journey

My specialty and passion is working with transgender and gender nonbinary individuals, with particular expertise working with children.

In working with my clients, I seek to provide them with a space of emotional safety and care. Aware that we each have our unique journeys, I believe that an accepting and empathetic ear can help in some of the tougher stretches. Whether you are in a place in your journey where extra support and guidance is needed, personally in the process of identity exploration and/or transition, or a parent desiring a safe and supportive space for your child or yourself, I believe I can be of service.


Areas of Specialty

I specialize in working with transgender and gender nonbinary children ages 2+, as well as transgender, gender nonbinary, and gender questioning adolescents and adults. Additional areas of focus in my practice include sexual identity, anxiety, depression, life transitions, pain management, religion, and spirituality.

CLICK HERE to learn more about my work with transgender children.


I offer a number of informative clinical and educational trainings for individual practices, groups, organizations, and schools on gender diversity, as well as additional topics. Each of my trainings are thoughtfully developed and grounded in current clinical and scientific research, as well as my clinical experience.


Praise For Dr. Caroline

Her presentation style is comfortable, clear, and lively. It was a pleasure for our members to learn from her…

Richard LaBrie, Psy.D., San Gabriel Valley Psychological Assoc.

She’s a trusted and supportive colleague as well as a skilled clinician who meets her clients with deep compassion and empathy.

Noelle Wittliff, LMFT, Mindful Parenting

My 7-year-old transgender son is now fully accepted for who he is and flourishing at a school whose students benefited from Dr. Carter’s trainings…

Parent of Transgender Child

Dr. Carter provided both informative and engaging training on how to best support gender diverse students to our middle school faculty…

Rosamatilde Puma, Polytechnic Middle School

Caroline’s training was thorough, thoughtful, and her expertise deeply felt and appreciated…

Jenny Walters MA, LMFT, Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy