Community and a “sense of belonging” are developmentally paramount for children to access their innate authenticity, happiness, and resiliency.

This sense of belonging comes from seeing one’s experience mirrored in another. Gender Camps épanouie and Unicorn Day Camp were created with this primary goal in mind – to connect youth on similar gender journeys! Each camp provides excitement and fun, while aiming to build esteem around children’s TGNC identities. I hope your child can join us this summer!

épanouie is a summer day camp for transfeminine youth ages 10 to 12

It’s five fun-filled days of games, art projects, education, and water balloons in the park! Youth will get creative, make new friends, and learn important skills for growing up. Each day has a theme: “Tribe Building,” “Gender Club,” “Bake and Create,” “Tie-Dye Party,” and “Body Positivity Day,” where a doctor from the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles will offer a fun and informative talk on health, wellness, and puberty!

Unicorn Day Camp is a summer program for transgender and gender nonbinary kids ages 6 to 10

It’s four exciting days of arts, crafts, games, and lots of unicorn magic, brought to you by LA Gender Center and the Institute for Girls’ Development. Led by Caroline Carter, PsyD. and Erin Norton, PsyD., you won’t want to miss this unique experience, alongside kids on similar gender journeys!

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