Trainings & Consultations

Clinical Trainings & Consultations for Mental Health Practitioners

There is a great need for more culturally competent and sensitive therapists to provide care for those within the TGNB community. For clinicians, group practices, and organization looking to gain greater awareness and competency working with transgender and gender nonbinary individuals, I offer both individual consultations, as well as clinical trainings on best practices and more focused topics to support your specific needs and clinical development.


I offer a number of informative clinical trainings for individual practices, groups and organizations. Each training has been thoughtfully developed and is grounded in current and up-to-date clinical and scientific research, as well as by my clinical experience. Continuing Education credits can be made available. If you’re interested in hosting a training, or learning more about the trainings I offer, please contact me.

Trainings offered:

  • Clinical Best Practices with TGNB Youth
  • Clinical Best Practices with TGNB Adults
  • Intersectionality and TGNB Lived Experience
  • Understanding Cisgender Privilege
  • Understanding Gender Related Medical Care for TGNB Youth
  • Letter Writing for TGNB Clients
  • Clinical work with Transgender Christians

Clinical Consultations

Often clinicians can have a longstanding relationship with a client, gender can enter the scene and additional specialized support feels needed. Possibly your client has just come out to you, or gender is not the focus of treatment, but your client holds a TGNB identity or lived experience and you would like additional clinical guidance. I welcome the opportunity to provide individual or group consultations to clinicians needing supplemental support around their work with TGNB clients. Please contact me to learn more about my consultation services.

Organizational Consultation Partnerships

I also provide professional consultation and trainings to organizations who are seeking to incorporate inclusivity around gender diversity into their work environments. My specialty is consultation focused on greater inclusion, sensitivity, and support for gender diverse youth. Consultations and trainings focus on meeting organizations where they are and integrating best practices. I’m very grateful to the organizations I’ve had the opportunity to provide ongoing consultations to.

USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center

The Getty Education Department

School Trainings

I love partnering with schools to grow in their awareness and expand their skill set for supporting their TGNB students. In an effort to support schools in their work with TGNB youth, I offer a number of specialized trainings for educational settings as well as individual consultations around areas that warrant more focused support. I also provide fun developmentally focused educational presentations on gender directly to students!

Schools are often the first place where youth choose to express or share a gender diverse identity. The emotional safety and acceptance provided by teachers, counselors, and staff is paramount. In my experience, schools may hold the strong intention of supporting their gender diverse students, but they may struggle to know the best ways of doing this. Teachers may feel uncertainty about appropriate ways of discussing gender diversity with their students. Or they may have a transgender or gender nonbinary student who has just come out in their class. They may feel unsure of the best ways to support this student through this transition, while also effectively guiding their class through this change collectively. I offer a number of trainings that attune to these issues, as well as trainings tailored to the more specific needs of schools.

Trainings I provide for school faculty and staff:

  • How to Bring Gender Diversity into the Classroom
  • Best Practices for Creating a Gender Inclusive School
  • Supporting Transgender Students: Toolkit for Teachers
  • Supporting TGNB Students with Intersectional Identities
  • Understanding the Gender Spectrum: From Language to Gender Pronouns
  • Gender Development in Childhood
  • Understanding the Unique Needs of Nonbinary Students

Trainings I provide for students:

  • Gender and Friendship (K-2)

  • Understanding Gender Identity (3rd-5th grade)
  • Living Outside the Box! Let’s talk about Gender Stereotypes (4th grade+)
  • Gender Diversity in Nature and Across the World!

Praise For Dr. Caroline

Dr. Caroline Carter brought her expertise twice to CE lectures for The San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association in 2019 and 2020: “Therapy with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients: A clinical primer on working outside the gender binary” and “The Brain as Gender Mosaic: How current research on gender diversity can inform our clinical practice.” In each, Dr. Carter demonstrated her deep knowledge and understanding of gender diversity issues from clinical, practice, research, social, developmental, and psychological points-of-view. Her presentation style is comfortable, clear, and lively. It was a pleasure for our members to learn from her, and I highly recommend her as a speaker and subject matter expert.

Richard LaBrie, Psy.D., Chair, Programming Committee, San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association

I’ve attended trainings with Dr. Caroline through the Institute for Girls’ Development and at a local private school. Her teaching style is very engaging and I was impressed by her knowledge and expertise. She has a wealth of information regarding how to support TGNB youth and their families. She’s a trusted and supportive colleague as well as a skilled clinician who meets her clients with deep compassion and empathy. I’ve confidently referred clients to Caroline, knowing that they will be in the very best hands. She is a true gift to the community.

Noelle Wittliff, LMFT, Family Therapist/Founder of Mindful Parenting

Dr. Carter is simply amazing. She gave gender diversity trainings at my children’s school for three different age groups ranging from 4-year-olds to 11-year-olds. After the training, the vocabulary and level of understanding around gender diversity issues that my 10-year-old daughter exhibited was amazing. My 7-year-old transgender son is now fully accepted for who he is and flourishing at a school whose students benefited from Dr. Carter’s trainings.

Parent of Transgender Child

Caroline’s training was thorough, thoughtful, and her expertise deeply felt and appreciated. Not only did she provide helpful information, she held space in a way that invited dialogue, deeper inquiry, and understanding. I highly recommend her for education and training.

Jenny Walters MA, LMFT, Founder/Clinical Director of Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy

Dr. Carter provided both informative and engaging training on how to best support gender diverse students to our middle school faculty. Our teachers felt they learned a lot from the nuances that she was able to bring from her own experience with middle school students.

Rosamatilde Puma, Teacher, Polytechnic Middle School