Therapy & Support

Therapy with Children

Each child is their own special mosaic of interests, temperament, personality, and identities. In working with children, my goal is to understand each in their uniqueness and join them within their inner worlds. This is mainly accomplished through play. Because play is children’s primary language, we know that this medium is one of the most effective ways to work with, support, and teach children. In my sessions I utilize both directive and nondirective play therapy techniques, I also use a combination of relational, attachment focused, and talk therapy interventions. My primary focus is in developing a sense of trust and a feeling of safety with my clients. Though my speciality is working with transgender, gender nonbinary, and gender creative kids, I also have experience supporting children who are struggling with depression, anxiety, pain management, and life transitions.

How We Work Together

In working individually with children my goal is to also work collaboratively with parents. Before meeting your child, I’ll meet with you to conduct an intake and discuss treatment needs. Our first meeting together will also allow you to ask any initial questions you have of me. Depending on the needs of your child during treatment, family and/or parent sessions can additionally be scheduled as needed to support their care.

Therapy with Adolescents

Working with adolescents brings me great joy. I love partnering with them through this exciting developmental period. This said, for parents, adolescence can be a more trying stretch. This can be the result of your child now shifting into an important developmental process called differentiation. Essentially this means they are starting to practice being independent in the world while also being safely tethered to you and your family. This tethering can result in a bit of a new push-and-pull dance between parent and child. Because adolescents are also now developing their own “tribe” (i.e. sense of belonging in a group) separate from their family, it may be helpful to partner with a therapist during this time who can serve as a trusted “tribe member.” This allows for your child to continue their process of differentiating while also having reliable guidance and support along the way.

In working with adolescents, for 13–14 year-olds I generally meet with parents first for an intake and then schedule an initial session with your child. For youth 15+ I have found that it is beneficial to the trust building process for me to meet with your child first, followed by an intake with parents.

For more info on my work with transgender adolescents click here.

Individual Therapy with Adults

Life brings many twists and turns along the way. Within these are often invitations for growth and greater wholeness. Such stretches can be hard to walk through alone. For those of TGNB experience, possibly you are in the process of gender exploration and/or transitioning and desiring a safe space and guidance as you move forward in your journey. For others, possibly support is needed as you navigate a change in your life. Or maybe life continues to present you with the same struggles and you are ready for deeper growth.

In order to experience a more meaningful life in the present, often a weaving back into our past is necessitated. We need to understand our journey and the distinct lenses that were formed in us as a result. It is through these lenses that we see ourselves and the world. Often our personal struggles are connected to these lenses. It is difficult to see or even imagine ourselves and our world differently without the safety of a trusting relationship. Within therapy I seek to provide this trusting space for my clients. We begin to gently examine these lenses and understand their origin story. In time, awareness grows and these lenses adjust and expanded. My clients begin to see pieces of themselves and their experiences that had been missed. Over time these new understandings bring feelings of relief, self-kindness, and greater self-agency.

Areas of treatment with TGNB Clients:

  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Preparing for gender confirming procedures/surgeries
  • Surgery recommendation letters
  • TGNB experience & Intersectional identities
  • Minority stress experiences
  • Transitioning in the workplace
  • Relational and Interpersonal issues related to transitioning
  • TGNB Christians

Additional areas of treatment:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relational Concerns
  • Sexual Identity
  • Pain Management
  • Codependency
  • Self Growth
  • Spiritual & Religious Identity

Transfeminine Peer Support Group

Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued–when they can give and receive without judgment.
Brene Brown

For many transfeminine individuals, moving towards greater authenticity often comes with inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences that can be difficult to navigate alone. Connection and support can ease and also bring joy to this journey. This free, monthly, peer-led support gathering will offer a space for such connections to develop. Open to transfeminine womxn and individuals within the transfeminine spectrum, ages 18 or older. The Transfeminine Peer Support Group typically meets on the 4th Saturday of each month, but is currently paused due to COVID. Please email me if you would like to be notified when the group restarts.

My Therapy Offices

My office is located in a very peaceful part of South Pasadena near the South Pasadena Library. I am walking distance from many lovely shops, bakeries, restaurants, and coffee shops on Mission street. I am also only about a 10 minute walk from the South Pasadena Gold Line stop. My office suite is on the first floor. Complimentary parking is available in the lot adjacent to my building.